Kumiko Sakamoto


Kumiko Sakamoto, violin

"Sakamoto’s playing of the meandering and mournful theme was the most emotionally gripping moment of the evening."
San Francisco Classical Voice
“Here was certainly technically proficient fugal playing...

Thalea Quartet was in pervasive command...

They showed a keen sense in particular of the polytonal passages found in the third movement, eloquently intoned by second violinist Kumiko Sakamoto whose contrasting melody line blended perfectly with the fine work in lower strings, who
played in a contrapuntally contrasting, completely different key.

...Thalea never failed to deliver a stirring performance.

The last movement showed an uncanny comprehension for the traditional rondo’s semi-lighthearted character, with full kudos to violist Luis Bellorin who displayed exemplary tone throughout.”

— Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald

 Photos © Valentina Sadiul